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About Consumer Units|Fuse Boxes

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  • Far too many homes and properties still have old style fuse boards installed . We strongly recommend you have your fuse board upgraded for a new 18th edition consumer unit for safety

      and convenience reasons.


  • This provides far more protection to your property and much more importantly, you and your family.


  • A new consumer unit/fuse box will bring your home up to current electrical safety standards and an important selling feature if considering selling your property





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The simple fact is that some fuse boards have become a liability, and simply don’t comply with modern health and safety requirements. so if your fuse box/consumer unit is out dated it could have been installed between the 1950's and 1980's (No where near as safe as one of todays 17th edition dual RCD boards.)

Consumer Units - Fuse Board Replacement - Fuse Boxes - Fuse Box Testing - Replacing Consumer units St Albans

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Fuse Boards|Consumer Units|Fuse Boxes

Consumer Units - Fuse Board Replacement - Fuse Boxes - Fuse Box Testing - Replacing Consumer Unts St Albans

Typical Question

The consumer unit in my 1988-built house uses fuses but has never been any problem. Is it worth spending up to several hundred pounds on replacing it with a modern unit with an RCD circuit breaker, SPD and ADFF protection.

Straight Answer

It depends how highly you value your life, or the lives of other people who use or visit your home. An RCD (Residual Current Device) is designed to trip the power circuits in less than four-hundredths of a second, which should be quick enough to stop an electric shock from stopping a person’s heart. Your old wire fuses will take many times longer to burn out, meaning an electric shock that passes across the heart (one hand on a faulty toaster, the other on the kitchen tap, for example) is more likely to be fatal.

ECW Electrics offer a full, professional service that includes:

New replacement fuse box complete with miniature circuit breakers (MCB) and residual current devices (RCD) to protect sockets including outdoor sockets, and detect potentially dangerous changes in the electrical current.


  • All work completed by professional local fully qualified registered electricians

  • Absolute respect for homes and property

  • A fast and efficient service

  • Very competitive prices

  • Free no obligation quotes

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Fuse box replacements from only £350.00