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What to consider...


Power usage 

Downlights can use a lot of power. When specifying which lights to install, make sure that you know how much power they will use once the job is finished. Remember, it's the watts that count, not the volts.

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About Down Lights

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Beam angle

Unless you are intending to create a special effect (such as lighting individual tables in a restaurant) you should always try to install the widest beam angle that you can. This refers to how far the light will spread from each downlight unit. A narrow beam angle will produce a small pool of light, and a wide beam angle will spread the light further which reduces any dark spots that you might have between fittings.

Building regulations

If you're building a new property or renovating an existing one there might be various rules and regulations that you must comply with. Regulations cover all sorts of things, from how much sound travels through a downlight, how draught-proof they are, to how long they will prevent a fire from spreading to the room above, to how efficient they are (i.e. how much light is produced from the power used).


All of these requirements can generally be met by installing fire rated downlights and we are happy to provide more details on this.