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Please contact ECW Electrics for electrical shower installations or for your electrical requirements.. Emergency services also available.

About Electrical Showers

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  • Electric showers have come a long way since their first incarnation although still cannot perform to the same standard as traditional heating gas or combi boilers.


  • One of the main benefits of electric showers is that they can be fitted in any household and location regardless of the hot water system installed.


  • Electrical showers are economical and relatively environmentally sound




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Electric Shower Practicalities

Since the introduction of revised Building Regulations in 2005, and in particular 'Part P' which covers electrical installation, electric showers are best installed by a qualified electrician.

Electrical Showers  - Electric Shower Installation


Before you begin work you should agree with installer that they will take responsibility for ensuring the installation of your electric shower complies with the building regulations and will provide the BS7671 certificate. You will need to produce this if you want to sell your home to prove that electrical work has been carried out safely.

The power (between about 8.5kW and 10.8kW) of the  electrical shower determines the size of cable and fuse and will require connection to a separate fused electrical supply circuit.


IMPORTANT.10mm2 cable is recommended, as this would mean you can replace the shower in the future, without having to install a larger cable.


Sounds obvious (sorry) and make sure when fitting the riser rail that the shower handset of your electric shower will be high enough for the tallest person likely to use it, and also low enough for children.


A separate switch will be required for safety

Bear in mind that Electric showers will likely require some plumbing and should be carried out by trained professionals in order to avoid any mishaps or injuries. ECW Electrics can provide professional plumbers to support your installation.

Eco shower heads reduce noise without diminishing the shower experience and you will be surprised much water they really save. Aqualisa and Mira are considered the leading brands in electric showers and provide excellent after sales support. Higher the kW, better the shower experieince.