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Please contact ECW Electrics for your Emergency wiring and landlord testing requirements.. See PAT Testing and EICR

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About: Landlord Electrical Safety Certificates

Landlort Certificates St Albans - Landlords EICR -  Landlords PIR - Electrical Certificates Landlords -EICR Landlords - Visual Inspection Reports

  • If you need a landlords electrical certificate in St Albans and Herts area, call ECW Electrics.


  • There are around 30 deaths and 4,000 seriousaccidents annually in the UK involving electrics, so don't think it can't happen in your properties


  • If you let property in England & Wales you must ensure that electrical equipment and the electrical system are safe.            


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Landlord Electrical Certificates from just £180.00

Electrical Safety in rental properties:

ECW Electrics based in St Albans are an independent business specialising in all aspects of domestic and residential electrical services and landlord electrical testing in St Albans and Herts area.


As fully qualified electricians with years of valuable experience, we have the skills to undertake all Landlord electrical testing for our customers. Our electrical testing for Landlords include, Electrical installation condition reports (EICR), visual inspection reports and PAT Testing.


Landlort Certificates St Albans - Landlords EICR -  Landlords PIR - Electrical Certificates Landlords -EICR Landlords - Visual Inspection Reports

Apart from the Landlord's Common Law duty of care, the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 (and several other statutory regulations see below) requires that the electrical equipment is safe at the start of every tenancy and maintained in a safe condition throughout the tenancy.


Electrical hazards are also covered by the Housing Health and safety Rating System under the Housing Act 2004.


In the case of commercial property and houses in multiple occupation there is a statutory duty under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 for the responsible person (the property manager) to carry out annual Fire Safety Risk Assessments, which include electrical safety risks.


If you let property you must ensure that the electrical system and all appliances supplied are safe - failure to comply with the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 and the The Consumer Protection Act 1987 is a criminal offence and may result in:


  • A fine of £5,000 per item not complying

  • Six month's imprisonment

  • Possible manslaughter charges in the even of deaths

  • The Tenant may also sue you for civil damages

  • Your property insurance may be invalidated



Landlords Portable Appliance Testing / PAT Testing from £0.70p

ECW Electrics are committed to raising the standards of testing and safety in the workplace environments, our purpose to help every business large or small complies with their legal obligations and relieve clients of the stress factor involved


ECW Electrics offer expert PAT Testingservices.